Route 66 Road Trip Video

Quick 10-Minute Video Road Trip with Highlights of Route 66 Segments, Cities & Attractions

Many have driven The Mother Road, Historic U.S. Route 66, across the United States. We have visited and enjoyed all eight states along the historic route, and love it!

There are others who are planning to take the journey for the first time, which from Chicago to Santa Monica can take from several days to multiple weeks. And they do not have a good vision of what they might see on the trip.

So we have prepared this YouTube video to showcase the route, by state, highlighting just a few of the hundreds of attractions along the way.

While some trips on Route 66 take 10 days, this trip only takes only 10 minutes on a YouTube video! So sit back and get your kicks on Route 66 ... and turn up your volume for some easy-listening music!

Like all YouTube videos, you can click to run it full screen, and mute the music if you like.