Earlier times along Historic U.S. Route 66 in the United States

Earlier Times on Route 66

Earlier times on Route 66 in Illinois: the A. Lincoln Tourist Court, south limits of Springfield, Illlinois


We have included below a sampling of our collection of vintage travel postcards dealing with Route 66 and the cities and towns it traversed.

What was Route 66 like in its earlier years, as visitors drove across The Mother Road? What did all the service stations, motels and public buildings look like when they were new?

What did the traveling public experience? We wonder such things when we travel Route 66 today.

Those earlier times in the 1930s, 40s and 50s were not always captured on film. But the use of colorful postcards was common in those decades.

These portray the historic road in its prime and help us to visualize, and appreciate, "earlier times" as we drive Route 66 today from Chicago to Santa Monica.

Route 66 Memories from Illinois

Lincoln Trail Motel - Springfield
Lincoln Trail Motel - Spingfield, Illinois
Arrow Motel - Dwight, IL
Arrow Motel ... Dwight, IL
Prairie Traveler - Bloomington
The Prairie Traveler Motel in Bloomington, Illinois
Chicken Basket - Hinsdale
Chicken Basket - Hinsdale, Illinois
Crossroads Motel - Lincoln, IL
Crossroads Motel - Lincoln, IL
Leonard's - Springfield
Leonard's Modern Motel - Springfield, Illinois
Southern View - Springfield
Southern View Motel, Springfield, Illinois
Poland's Motel - Springfield
Poland's Motel, City Route 66 North, Springfield, Illinois
Magnolia Court - Springfield
Magnolia Court, Springfield, Illinois

Vintage Views along Route 66 in Missouri

Little King's - Joplin
Little King's Hotel Court, U.S. Highway 66, Joplin, MIssouri
Munger Moss Motel - Lebanon
Munger Moss Motel in Lebanon, Missouri
Ranch Courtel - Mt. Vernon
The Ranch Courtel, Mt. Vernon, Missouri
Bell Hotel - Waynesville
Bell Hotel, Waynesville, Missouri, on U.S. Highway 66
Little Chum's - Springfield
Little Chum's Lodge, Springfield, Missouri
Kel-Lake Motel - Carthage
Kel-Lake Motel in Carthage, Missouri
Bob Miller's - Joplin
Bob Miller's Restaurant, 419 Main Street, Joplin, Missouri
Union Bus Depot - Lebanon
Union Bus Depot in Lebanon, Missouri
Rock Village - Springfield
Rock Village Court, Highway 66, Springfield, Missouri
Blue Bonnet - St. Louis
Blue Bonnet Court, west of St. Louis, Missouri
Hotel Cuba
Hotel Cuba on Highway 66, Cuba, Missouri
Trav-O-Tel Court - St.Louis
Trav-O-Tel Deluxe Court, U.S. Highway 66, 11 miles west of St. Louis, Missouri
Nelson Tavern - Lebanon
Nelson Tavern in Lebanon, Missouri
Diamonds Restaurant
The Diamonds Restaurant, World's Largest Roadside Restaurant, Villa Ridge, Missouri
Koronado Kourts - Joplin
Koronado Hotel Kourts, Joplin, Missouri

Earlier Days on U.S. Highway 66 in Oklahoma

Star Courts - Elk City
Star Courts, Elk City, Oklahoma
Home on the Range - Clinton
Home on the Range, Hiway 66, Clinton, Oklahoma
Phillips Courts - El Reno
Phillips Courts, 1223 Sunset Drive, El Reno, Oklahoma, on Highway 66
Matlyn Court - Oklahoma City
Matlyn Court, US 66, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Motor Inn Courts - Elk City
Motor Inn Courts on US 66 - Elk City, Oklahoma
Cooks Court - Tulsa
Cooks Court in Tulsa, Oklahoma
De Luxe Courts - Oklahoma City
De Luxe Courts, 4500 NW 39th Street, U.S. Highway 66, Oklahoma City Oklahoma
El Sueno Court - Claremore
El Sueno Motor Court on Highway 66 in Claremore, Oklahoma
Quarter Horse Motel - Vinita
Quarter Horse Motel in Vinita, Oklahoma
Nu Homa Motel - Oklahoma City
Nu Homa Motel - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Classen Cafeteria - Oklahoma City
Classen Cafeteria, where U.S. Highway 66 crosses the famous Classen Boulevard at 23rd Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Will Rogers Motor Court - Tulsa
Will Rogers Motor Court on U.S. Route 66 in Tulsa, Oklahoma
The Major Court - Oklahoma City
The Major Court at 3200 NW 39th Street in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Royce Cafe - Edmond
Royce Cafe in Edmond, Oklahoma on U.S. Route 66
Flamingo Motel - Oklahoma City
Flamingo Motel on Highways 66 and 77, just north of the State Capitol, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Scenes from the Past in Amarillo, Texas

Downtown Amarillo
Polk Street, Amarillo, Texas, Looking North from Ninth ... "The Best Lighted Main Street in America"
Best Court
Best Court in Amarillo, Texas
Skyline Motel
Skyline Motel, west of the city on U.S. Highway 66, Amarillo, Texas
Dowell's Saratoga Cafe
Dowell's Saratoga Cafe in Amarillo, Texas,  5th and N. Fillmore, on U.S. Route 66
Sunset Motel
The Sunset Motel on U.S. Highway 66, Amarillo, Texas across from Veterans Hospital
Bailey's Motel
Bailey's Motel at 2830 N.E. 8th Avenue in Amarillo, Texas

The Way Things Were in Santa Rosa

Sun 'n Sand Motel
Sun 'n Sand Motel in Santa Rosa, New Mexico on Route 66, east end of town
Western Motel
The Western Motel in Santa Rosa, New Mexico, on Highways 66, 54 and 84
La Loma Motel
La Loma Motel in Santa Rosa, New Mexico
Jack's Cafe
Jack's Cafe in Santa Rosa, New Mexico ... Known From Coast to Coast, serving the finest foods, right in town on Route 66
Yucca Court
Yucca Court in Santa Rosa, New Mexico ... East on U.S. Highways 66, 54 and 84
Two Bridges Over the Pecos
Two bridges over the Pecos River in Santa Rosa, New Mexico
Rancho Motor Lodge
Rancho Motor Lodge in Santa Rosa, New Mexico
Route 66 near Santa Rosa
Earlier view of Route 66 between Santa Rosa and Tucumcari, New Mexico
Adobe Inn
The Adobe Inn, Santa Rosa, New Mexico

Vintage Views of Santa Fe, New Mexico

La Paz Courts
La Paz Courts in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Scotts Hacienda Court
Scotts Hacienda Court in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Court House in Santa Fe
Court House in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Kings Rest Court
Kings Rest Court in Santa Fe, New Mexico
The Historic Plaza
The Historic Plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico
The Westerner
The Westerner ... Lodging in Santa Fe, New Mexico
State Museum
State Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Alamo Lodge
Alamo Lodge in Santa Fe, New Mexico
De Vargas Hotel
De Vargas Hotel in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico

Albuquerque Memories

Tower Court
Tower Court at 2210 West Central in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Maisel's Trading Post
Maisel's Indian Trading Post in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Texas Ann Court
Texas Ann Court at 2305 W. Central Avenue in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on U.S. Highway 66
King's Rest Courts
King's Rest Courts in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Pueblo Bonito Court
Pueblo Bonito Court in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Arrowhead Lodge
Arrowhead Lodge in Albuquerque, New Mexico on West Central Avenue on  U.S. Highway 66
Silver Spur Motel
Silver Spur Motel on Central Avenue on Route 66 in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Casa Grande Lodge
Casa Grande Lodge at 2625 Central Avenue NW in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Santa Fe RR Depot
Santa Fe Railroad passenger depot in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Crest-Hi Restaurant
Crest-Hi Restaurant on Highway 66 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, across from the Hiland Theater
Bow & Arrow Lodge
Bow and Arrow Lodge in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Route 66
Zuni Motor Lodge
Zuni Motor Lodge in Albuquerque, New Mexico
El Don Motel
El Don Motel at 2222 West Central Avenue in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Country Club Court
Country Club Court at 2411 W. Central Avenue in Albuquerque, New Mexico
White Way Court
White Way Court in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Route 66 ... "In the center of the better tourist courts"

Images of the Past in Gallup

Pete's Cafe
Dine and dance at Pete's Cafe in Gallup, New Mexico
Casa Linda Court
Casa Linda Court on U.S. Highway 66, 1 1/2 miles east of Gallup, New Mexico
Log Cabin Lodge
The Log Cabin Lodge on the West "Y", Highway 66, Gallup, New Mexico
Colonial Motel
Colonial Motel on the west entrance to Gallup, New Mexico on U.S. Highway 66
El Capitan Motel
El Capitan Motel in Gallup, New Mexico on U.S. Route 66
Ambassador Motel
Ambassador Motel on Highway 66 at the west end of Gallup, New Mexico
Pine Tree Lodge
Pine Tree Lodge on the west side of Gallup, New Mexico on U.S. Route 66
Arrowhead Lodge
Arrowhead Lodge in the Heart of Indian Country, on U.S. Highway 66 East in Gallup, New Mexico
El Navajo Hotel
El Navajo Hotel in Gallup, New Mexico

Bygone Days along Route 66 in Holbrook

Ranch Motel
Ranch Motel in Holbrook, Arizona
City Center Motel
City Center Motel in Holbrook, Arizona
Downtown Holbrook
Downtown Holbrook, Arizona circa 1960s
66 Motel & Cafe
66 Motel and Cafe in Holbrook, Arizona
Sundown Motel
Sundown Motel in Holbrook, Arizona
Hiway House Coffee
Hiway House Coffee Shop in Holbrook, Arizona
Dell Webb's Hiway House
Del Webb's Hiway House in Holbrook, Arizona
Coffee Shop
Corner Coffee House in Holbrook, Arizona next door to Firestone Tire
Desert View Lodge
Desert View Lodge in Holbrook, Arizona
66 Motel
66 Motel in Holbrook, Arizona
Western Motel
The Western Motel in Holbrook, Arizona
Chief Motel
Chief Motel in Holbrook, Arizona on US Highway 66

Along Route 66 in Winslow

Knotty Pines Motel
Knotty Pines Motel in Winslow, Arizona
LZ Motel in Winslow
LZ Motel in Winslow, Arizona
El Capitan Motel
El Capitan Motel in Winslow, Arizona
Drumm's Auto Court
Drumm's Auto Court in Winslow, Arizona
Entree Motel & Restaurant
Entree Motel and Restaurant in Winslow, Arizona
Delta Motel
Delta Motel in Winslow, Arizona
Falcon Restaurant
Falcon Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge in Winslow, Arizona
Starlite Motel
Starlite Motel in Winslow, Arizona
Gabrielle's Kitchen
Gabrielle's Kitchen in Winslow, Arizona
Town House Motel
Town House Motel in Winslow, Arizona
Winslow Travel Lodge
Travel Lodge in Winslow, Arizona
La Siesta Motel
La Siesta Motel in Winslow, Arizona East on Highway 66 ... Recommended by Duncan Hines

What was it like in Flagstaff?

Branding Iron Motel
The Branding Iron Motel on U.S. Highway 66 in Flagstaff, Arizona
Lane Motel
Lane Motel in the center of Flagstaff, Arizona
Downtown Flagstaff
Downtown Flagstaff, Arizona circa 1950s
66 Motel Court
The 66 Motel Court in Flagstaff, Arizona
The Spur Motel
The Spur Motel in Flagstaff, Arizona
Sierra Vista Motel
Motel Sierra Vista in Flagstaff, Arizona
The "L" Motel
The "L" Motel at 121 S. Sitgreaves Street, US Highway 66, in Flagstaff, Arizona
Wonderland Motel
Wonderland Motel in Flagstaff, Arizona
Hi-Land Motel
The Hi-Land Motel at the east entrance to Flagstaff, Arizona on US Highway 66

Early Days of Route 66 in Williams

Williams Motel
The Williams Motel in Williams, Arizona on US Highway 66
Aerial View Williams, AZ
Aerial view of downtown Williams, Arizona
Sun Dial Motel
Sun Dial Motel in Williams, Arizona on US Route 66
Fred Harvey Hotel
Fray Marcus Harvey Hotel in Williams, Arizona
Street Scene 1950s
Street scene in Williams, Arizona circa late 1950s
Harvey's Hacienda Restaurant
Harvey's Hacienda Restaurant in Williams, Arizona
Norris Motel
Norris Motel at the west entrance to Williams, Arizona
Hull's Motel
Hull's Motel in Williams, Arizona
Route 66 - San Francisco Peaks
San Francisco Peaks, seen from Historic Route 66 between Williams and Flagstaff, Arizona
Highlander Motel
Highlander Motel in Williams, Arizona on U.S. Highways 66 and 89 ... Telephone 48
Westerner Motel
Westerner Motel at 530 W. Bill Williams ... Williams, Arizona
El Coronado Court
El Coronado Court on US Highway 66 in Williams, Arizona

Bygone Days on Route 66 in Kingman

Kingman Downtown Overview
Kingman, Arizona Downtown Overview 1950s
Hill Top Motel
Hill Top Motel on US Highways 66 and 93, Kingman, Arizona
1950s Street Scene
Kingman, Arizona Street Scene, circa 1950s
Bells Motel
Bells Motel on Route 66, Kingman, Arizona
White Rock Court
White Rock Court in Kingman, Arizona, near the Sleeping Dutchman
El Trovatore Court
El Trovatore Court and Cocktail Lounge on US Route 66 in Kingman, Arizona
Casa Linda Cafe
Cafe Linda Cafe in Kingman, Arizona
Akron Motel
Akron Motel, the Roping Cowboy Court, in Kingman, Arizona on the Boulder Dam Highway
Arcadia Lodge
Arcadia Lodge on US Highway 66 in Kingman, Arizona ... Steam Heat and Air Cooled
Brandin Iron Motor Hotel
The Brandin Iron Motor Hotel on US Highway 66 East, Kingman, Arizona
Jade Fine Food
Jade Fine Food Restaurant and Cafe, Kingman, Arizona
Hillcrest Motel
Hillcrest Motel in Kingman, Arizona

Scenes Along Route 66 in Needles

Del Rhea Lodge
Del Rhea Lodge, west end, Route 66, Needles, California
El Rancho in Needles
El Rancho in Needles, California
Swains Motel
Swain's Motel at 511 Broadway, U.S. Highway 66, Needles, California

California Route 66 in Barstow

Greetings from Barstow
Greetings from Barstow, California
Sage Motel
Sage Motel at 220 W. Main Street in Barstow, California on Route 66
Cactus Motel
Cactus Motel in Barstow, California on U.S. Highway 66 one half-mile east of downtown
El Rancho Barstow
Barstow, California
Town & Country Motel
Town & Country Motel at 1230 E. Main Street in Barstow, California at the top of the hill on U.S. Route 66
Casa Loma Motel
Casa Loma Motel on US 91 and 66 in West Barstow, California

Earlier Days on Route 66 in San Bernardino

Motel 66
Motel 66 at 1400 No. Mr. Vernon Avenue on Route 66 in San Bernardino, California
Mt. Vernon Auto Motel
Mt. Vernon Auto Motel in San Bernardino, California on U.S. Highway 66
White Motel
The White Motel at 3701 "D" Street, U.S. Route 66 Business, in San Bernardino, California
Santa Fe RR Depot
Santa Fe Railroad depot in San Bernardino, California
Mojave Motel
Mojave Motel at 1495 Mt. Vernon Avenue (Route 66) in San Bernardino, California
Travel Lodge
Travel Lodge, 746 "E" Street, U.S. Highway 66, San Bernardino, California

Arcadia, California ... Earlier Lodging and Dining along Route 66

Round Up Motel
Round Up Motel at 412 E. Huntington Drive, U.S. Highway 66, Arcadia, California - Includes kitchens and garages, two minutes to Santa Anita
The Frontier in Arcadia
The Frontier, 250 West Colorado, across from the Santa Anita Race track, Arcadia, California
Derby Motel
Derby Motel, 326 E. Huntington Drive, Route 66, downtown Arcadia, California

Stops on Route 66 in Pasadena, California in Earlier Times

Clark Motel
Clark Motel at 3019 E. Colorado Street, U.S, Highway 66, Pasadena, California
Arroyo-Seco Parkway
The Arroyo-Seco Parkway, U.S. Highway 66, between Pasadena and Los Angeles, California
Downtown Pasadena
Downtown scene in Pasadena, California, circa 1940s
Gwinn's Restaurant
Gwinn's Restaurant and Drive-In, 2915 E. Colorado Boulevard, U.S. Highway 66, Pasadena, California - One of Pasadena's Finer Restaurants
Grand Motel
Grand Motel, 3321 E. Colorado Street, Pasadena, California
Bella Vista Motor Court
Bella Vista Motor Court at 3438 E. Colorado Street, Highway 66, Pasadena, California

Earlier Times in Santa Monica

Greetings from Santa Monica
Greetings from Santa Monica, California, the ending point of U.S. Route 66
Santa Monica Auto Camp
Santa Monica Auto Camp: Cabins and Trailers
William Tell Motel
William Tell Motel and Apartments, on U.S. Highway 66, Santa Monica, California
Bel Monica Motel
Bel Monica Motel in Santa Monica, California
Santa Monica Travl-O-Tel
Santa Monica Travl-O-Tel, U.S. Highway Alt 101, Santa Monica, California, close to shopping and the beach
Surf Auto Hotel
Surf Auto Motel, Santa Monica, California