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On this website our staff shares highlights of recent travels and popular road trips along Historic U.S. Route 66, featuring original photographs, personal commentary, travel reviews, travel guides, trip planning tips and recommendations.

We love America, and travel to the many exciting places and destinations that the country offers. We also enjoy being out on the open roads of America, like cross-country trips on Route 66, The Mother Road.

We have driven Route 66 in all eight states which the historic road traversed, and have accumulated a significant archive of photos and travel experiences.

There have seen fun days in Catoosa, Cuba, Glenrio, Gallup, Oatman, Pontiac, Barstow, Tucumcari and Seligman. We remember those road trips to Holbrook, Winslow, Amboy, Joplin, Shamrock, Elk City, Galena and Springfield ... and so many more.

As the first cool days of winter envelop us in December of 2023, we have put up our "Christmas Travel Tree" (see top banner) which has many fond memories of our road trips on Route 66!

Photographing the past ... on Historic U.S. Route 66

Travel Staff Credentials

While we have traveled extensively in Europe, the Caribbean, Central America and Alaska, on this website we focus on travel along Route 66 in the United States. Our related website RoadTravelAmerica showcases more travel destinations and scenic roads in the USA and Canada.

We've traveled thousands of miles over hundreds of roads in virtually every state and province in North America. From our office in Texas, we are positioned to make regular road trips to the west, north, south or eastern sections of the country.

Our journeys have taken us on U.S. Highway 1 from Key West to the rugged coast of Maine, from New York to California, from Arizona to Oregon, and Texas to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We have driven the Trans Canada Highway, starting at "Mile 0" in Victoria, through Vancouver, Lake Louise, Banff and other stops along the way.

Earlier times on Route 66

We've toured the Pacific Coast Highway from San Diego to Oregon with stops in San Luis Obisbo, Big Sur, San Francisco, Astoria and other lovely destinations. We enjoyed the serenity of the "Loneliest Highway" in Nevada, and the twists and curves of the Beartooth Highway in Montana.

Who can forget the majestic beauty of the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park, and the breathtaking vistas on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountains NP. We never tire of driving the switchbacks on the Burr Trail and the Moki Dugway, and enjoying the fall foliage along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Hopefully our Route 66 travel experiences will be of interest and benefit to website viewers as they plan their travel itineraries.

Join us for another Route 66 road trip adventure in 2024!

Stopping on the Mother Road:
In the Painted Desert

Shown here is signage at the Painted Desert marking the path of Route 66 through eight states, and through this area of Arizona. It reads, in part ...

Route 66 sign and marker in the Painted Desert in Arizona ... Gaze down the long road and listen. You may hear echoes of the past ... echoes of Route 66

"Gaze down the long road and listen. You may hear echoes of the past ... echoes of Route 66"


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